Caseificio San Giorgio
About us

Caseificio San Giorgio (San Giorgio Dairy), situated in the territory of Assoro, a town of the noblest traditions, works in the field of the production of typical Sicilian cheeses for more than twenty years.
Our cheeses are the fruits of the handmade working of milk coming from sheep/goat-farming and cattle-farming, mostly bred in uncontaminated pastures and with choice hays.
The products undergo periodical and rigorous controls in order to offer quality and genuineness, two features which have always characterised the production of the dairy and the traditional Sicilian taste.
Examples of this are the ricotta (as the famous Sicilian "infornata"), the "primo sale" and the "stagionato" (matured cheese). These pecorino are unique of their kind also thanks to the use of eight different aromas (black pepper, hot pepper, arugula, pistachios, walnuts, stuffed olives, dry tomatoes, oregano).
These products gained and still continue to gain in a more and more growing way remarkable appraisals not only from the local and national market, but also from the communitarian and international one, thanks to the frequent contacts with the operators of the field: middle-large distribution and wholesalers.
The Firm, in the respect of the laws in force - HACCP, EEC stamp - has considerable productive capacities and is ready to satisfy the more and more increasing demand of its products in a field where quality is the trump card.


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