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Provola production process

The milk is brought to a temperature of 37 °C then is put into a "tina" (tub) with the rennet for curdling. The curd is broken with a wooden stick and adding hot water at a temperature of 80 °C, then is left to stand.

After this standing period, the curd is manually extracted and put onto a table named "tavuliere", where is left to stand again. Here, the curd leaks the residual whey and the natural acidification starts. At the end of this process, it is "scalded" and the working starts.

For working we utilize a long wooden spatula, named "manuvedda", to make with the curd a ball of paste that is cut in pieces. These pieces are shaped like pears. After this, cheeses are dipped in saturated pickle and then are hanged up in couples to dry into a cool rooms.



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